≈ How do I get to the festival?

On our awesome Shuttle Bus! If you are a day pass ticket holder. All parking will be at the North Kawartha Community Center (NKCC). Our shuttle bus service will run every 10-15minutes, picking up festival-goers and dropping them off at the festival grounds. When you have had enough fun, hop right back on the shuttle bus to get your vehicle. 

≈ Is there any parking on-site?

There will be parking for bands and for campers ONLY. All day pass ticket holders MUST park at NKCC. 

≈ What time does the gate open?

4:30pm on Friday Sept. 6th.

11am on Saturday Sept. 7th. 

The bus shuttle will be at NKCC at those times. 

≈ Do I need a ticket to get in?

Yes, so don't lose it! When you get to the gate, you must trade your ticket in for a wristband. There are different wristbands for campers so be sure to let our wonderful volunteers know if you are camping. 

≈ Will tickets be available at the gate?

Maybe? If there are any tickets left they will be available to purchase at the gate (cash only). It's not likely though!

≈ Can I get a single-day ticket?

There are no single-day ticket options. If you can only attend one day, you will still have to buy a 2-Day General Admission ticket. 

≈ Do I have to pay for my child/children?

Children under 13 get in free.

≈ I'm camping in my trailer....when can I bring it?

Since camping is first come, first serve it is worth getting your trailer in early!

We will be on hand to set up trailers all week leading up to the festival. Please send us a message on the #Camping page and we can arrange a date and time for you to bring your trailer. NO TRAILERS PERMITTED AFTER 2PM ON FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 6TH (to ensure the safety of festival attendees)

≈ I'm camping in a tent. Do I need to set it up in advance?

Not necessarily however, like trailer camping, tent camping is first come, first serve. Parking for tent campers is very limited so if you are camping with a group please try to carpool! 


≈ Will there be any shade/shelter?

We will have 2 large tents set up for shade and shelter. There's also some trees you can relax under.  


≈ Where do I throw out my garbage/recycling?

Please use the labelled bins around the festival grounds. Remember that cans are recyclable! Let's keep the grounds clean so we can enjoy the natural beauty at Creekside. 

≈ Will there be food and beverages available to purchase?

Yes. If you missed out on the award-winning ribs last year - you have another chance to get them this year! We have a great line-up of food vendors to satisfy your hunger!

≈ Can I bring alcohol?

You can, this is a BYOB event however we ask you bring CANS ONLY.  

And please drink responsibly. We will have security on hand if alcohol is preventing you from having a good time and respecting your fellow festival-goers.

≈ Will there be designated drivers?

YES!!!! We want Creekside to be a fun and SAFE event. If you can not get yourself home safely, please ask one of our volunteers to connect you with our on-call designated drivers. 

≈ Will there be a designated smoking area?

Yep. We have worked hard to make the festival grounds pristine. Please use the cigarette disposal tins provided so we can keep our environment clean! 

≈ Can I swim in the creek?

Sure. If it's warm enough for you!

Swim at own risk. 

≈ Will there be an ATM on site?

No. Be sure to bring along some cash to purchase delicious food, festival merchandise and items from our local artisans.